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Our Difference

‘Sales ONE:ONE’ empowers business managers / owners, entrepreneurs and sales professionals by providing quality in-depth sales training, resources and individual support.

We focus on ‘one on one’ training, developing programs to not just educate individuals on performance development and sales techniques, but reinforce learned methodologies and behaviours through online workshops and coaching sessions.

The convenience of online access enables users to conduct training sessions in their own time, thus translating to minimal work downtime.

Sales ONE:ONE provides the necessary toolsets and diagnostics to assess strategic and operational capabilities, diagnose issues and plan sales performance development projects.

We provide the technology and implementation support required for deploying and maintaining performance sales systems.

Our online training programs cover sales strategy and planning, sales structure and process reengineering, sales productivity development, sales performance behaviours, client management, channel management, and tactical management/leadership.

We achieve this level of support by utilising the extensive sales performance expertise, deep industry knowledge, comprehensive resources and proven track record of ‘optiSELL’ , a leading strategic business development consultancy; as well as ‘best of breed’ sales industry service providers.

We are committed to continually deliver new information and training services; and assist individuals and their organisations in developing performance sales systems and achieving sales excellence.